Ground Breaking Ceremony

December 7th ­– Ogden, Utah. Roosters B Street Brewery is to break ground on Thursday, December 7th. The Ogden classic, Roosters Brewing Company is expanding! With a new dedicated facility and canning line, Roosters B Street Brewery will increase current brewing capacity ten-fold.

The Roosters B Street Brewery will be located in the new “Trackline” development located off Avenue B in Ogden. Home of Enve Composites and other recreation/cycling manufacturers, the industrial complex is built as a lifestyle-centered industrial park. Located adjacent to the Ogden River Parkway, the site features a mile of spur trail leading straight to the new brewery which is perfect for Roosters cycling-forward brand appeal.

Thursday will mark an official groundbreaking though site prep has already begun. The brewery is expected to be completed in the summer of 2018 and will feature a quick bites menu and tap room. Follow Roosters Brewing for updates on the facility and tasting tour dates.

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