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Matt Bishop

Matt Bishop

Head Brewer - Layton Brewery

Matt started home brewing in college and immediately got hooked on making beer. After spending a few years toying around in his kitchen making home brew , Matt landed a job at a  commercial brewery. At first Matt thought his job in the brewing industry would be a short term career path, something he could look back on as a fun couple years making beer before moving on to something else.

More than five years in the industry now Matt says “he can’t really imagine doing anything else for work.”Matt is the newest member of the Roosters brew crew and is currently the head brewer at Roosters Layton Brewpub. Matt has previously worked for two other Utah-based breweries and is excited to bring his talents to the roosters brewing Company.When Matt isn’t in the brewhouse making beer he is usually trying to find a spot on a river to enjoy a beer do some fly fishing.