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Steve Kirkland


Steve graduated from Iowa State University with a B.S. in Food Technology and chose to apply his new knowledge to his favorite food: Beer. In 1988 he joined the staff at Sprecher Brewing Co. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a young microbrewery on the forefront of the burgeoning craft brewing movement. Steve worked for Sprecher for four years, left to find God, failed, and took a brewing position with Gray’s Brewing Co., a startup brewery in Janesville, WI. Scarcely after a year with Gray’s, Steve heeded the old American call to “head west, young man!” and settled in Ogden to help launch Roosters Brewing Company. After ten years at the 25th Street Roosters, Steve ventured south to brew at the second Roosters location in Layton before moving back to Ogden 13 years later to brew at the new B Street brewery.