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Ogden Valley
Delivery Service

Roosters Brewing Company, Union Grill and our friends from Sonora Grill will provide dinner delivery service in June to Huntsville and Eden on Tuesday evenings at 6pm.

Here is how it works:

Two separate vans or vehicles will deliver to the east side of Eden Park and the Huntsville Post Office at 6 pm. We will quickly set up a safe and socially distanced pick up area. Our drivers will be wearing masks and gloves and each customer’s order will be individually packaged in its own delivery bag.  

Please order and pay through the individual restaurant's website by 3pm on the day of the delivery. Each restaurant has a maximum bandwidth on the amount of orders they can prepare so early ordering truly helps us plan accordingly. If the individual restaurant reaches the order maximum before 3 pm, we will contact you personally and refund your order if we are unable to fill it.
In the notes, please indicate: “Delivery to Eden Park” or “Delivery to Hunstville
Post Office.”

Delivery dates:

Tuesday evenings in June 

** Thank you for your support as we navigate this challenging time and continue to pivot the way we do business. We are grateful for all of the wonderful suggestions that have been offered and also invite you to join us to dine in our restaurants.

Delivery for this week: 

(Click on the logo below to order through the individual restaurant’s website by 3 pm. In the notes
please indicate  “Delivery to Eden Park” or “Delivery to Hunstville Post Office.” If you are ordering
from Roosters, please select the Ogden location and Pick-up - delivery won't work through that system for Ogden Valley Addresses )

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